Our missions

Recognized association of public utility, the Union of French Abroad (UFE), is a network that brings together French people, Francophones and Francophiles around the world. It provides them with a privileged link with France, defends their interests and provides them with support and mutual assistance on a daily basis. Founded in 1927, it has more than 170 performances run by volunteers in around 100 countries.

Its action is defined around 4 essential values: hospitality, mutual aid, conviviality and influence.

Welcome:  first step in the country and first contacts with those who wish to join us.
Mutual aid:  the outstretched hand between those who know and those who need to be accompanied.
Conviviality:  or the best way to weave solid networks around a cultural, gastronomic, informative activity…
Outreach:  because each representation of the UFE is a small piece of France abroad.

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